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Different uses of silicon carbide

Time:2024-3-12 11:26:19 
1. Used for sandblasting or engraving: Customers generally purchase CF36 #, CF46 #, 2. Used for diamond tools: Customers generally purchase products such as GCF80 #, GCF90 #, and GCF100 #, with a relatively large number of customers purchasing GCF90 #
3. For grinding wheels: usually used with 46 # -90, it is an F series, used for sandpaper. In general, the price of the P series is $40-75 higher than that of the F series per ton
4. Used for coating insulation materials: using fine materials, usually 3-5 μ m, commonly used models are 1000 # 1200 #, 1500 #, and black or green materials are determined according to customer requirements. Generally, black materials are more commonly used because they are cheaper in price
5. Used for grinding: GCF600 # -1500 # requires the product to have a concentrated particle size without large particles
6. Used for electronic products: W5 material is generally used, with a particle size of 4-5um. For electronic pastes, 0.5um material is generally used
7. Used for paint addition: generally using GCF800 # and GCF1500 # materials
8. Used for polishing marble: There is no high requirement for content, but there is a requirement for particle size, and large particles are not allowed
9. Used for brake pads: CF500 # and CF600 # materials are generally used
11. Wall coating for steelmaking furnaces: generally using 325 materials with a 97% content, but there are also some
Use 325 materials with a 95% content.
12. Used for grinding K9 glass: GCF400 # is more commonly used for polishing glass with GCF80-100 #. 13. Used for foaming mud: material with a content requirement of 710-90200 # -. There is no color requirement for this material pile. 14. Used for wire cutting: JIS # 800, JIS # 1000, JIS1200, JSS # 1500, JIS # 2000

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