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Uses of Silicon Carbide

Time:2022-7-13 15:39:34 
1. Application in non-ferrous metal smelting industry

The use of silicon carbide has high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance, and is used as a high-temperature indirect heating material, such as a hard-filled distillation furnace. Rectification furnace tray, aluminum electrolytic cell, copper melting furnace lining, arc plate for zinc powder furnace, thermocouple protection tube, etc.;

2. Application in the steel industry

Utilize the corrosion resistance of silicon carbide, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance. Good thermal conductivity, used in large blast furnace lining to improve service life;

3. Application in metallurgical beneficiation industry

Silicon carbide is second only to diamond in hardness, and has strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for wear-resistant pipes, impellers, pump chambers, cyclones, and hopper linings. Its wear resistance is cast iron, and the service life of rubber is 5 -20 times, it is also one of the ideal materials for aviation flight runways;

4. Application in architectural ceramics and grinding wheel industry

Use its thermal conductivity. The characteristics of heat radiation, high heat intensity and high thermal intensity, the manufacture of thin-plate kiln furniture can not only reduce the capacity of kiln furniture, but also improve the loading capacity and product quality of the kiln, shorten the production cycle, and is an ideal indirect material for ceramic glaze baking and sintering;

5. Application of energy saving

Using good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, as a heat exchanger, the fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, the fuel is saved by 35%, and the productivity is increased by 20-30%. In particular, the internal discharge of the discharge pipeline for mining processing plants, its wear resistance is 6-7 times that of ordinary wear-resistant materials.

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