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Silicon carbide for refractory

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The role of silicon carbide in refractory materials: as an inorganic non-metallic material, silicon carbide has the characteristics of high melting point, chemical inertness, thermal revitalization resistance and wear resistance. Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products can be used in places such as blast furnace ceramic cups. Silicon carbide can also be added as an antioxidant in unburned bricks such as aluminum-magnesium-carbon bricks for ladle.
Refractory products mainly include silicon carbide content of 98%, 97%, 95%, 88%-90%, 80%-85%, 70%-75%, 65%-60% and other products, and the particle size is mainly 10mm- 0, 5mm-0, 3mm-0, 1mm-0, 325F, 200#-0, etc. It can also organize production according to the special requirements of customers.
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